Journey So Far

SJCA is a Chartered Accountancy Firm that has been in existence for almost two decades since 10th December, 2004 under the aegis of its founding partners CA Sanjeev Chirania and CA Sudheer Chirania. Since then, the firm along with its team, has embarked on an enduring journey of imparting robust professional services in the field of audit, taxation, corporate finance, financial consultancy and management. Today the firm stands tall with a family of fervent professionals striving hard each day to match the firm’s principles of triple ‘P’ i.e. passion for work, perseverance towards its accomplishments and perennial relationship with its clients. The firm is categorized as Class – I Firm as per the norms of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and having been ‘Peer Reviewed’ and empaneled with the Reserve Bank of India and the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.

It has been the firm’s utmost sincere endeavour to provide quintessential environment for the growth and well being of its team of dedicated professionals in order to enable them to outperform their abilities, imbibe strong leadership qualities and transform into better individuals resulting in the delivery of highest order of proficient services.

The firm appreciates that the world of financial services is no longer a standalone arena but a field that requires profound knowledge and understanding of diverse industry specific practices, legal policies, and an ability to anticipate potential developments in order to craft out of box solutions to present day problems.

Society & Work after Covid-19
The digital world has substituted the physical work culture, making the world closer and connected. The Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed huge changes in the work dynamics with the new definitions of work culture creating a huge impact on the world. The pandemic has not only newly defined work ethics but has impacted the lifestyle of professionals as a whole. The Pandemic has shown a new direction to work culture worldwide. SJCA as a firm has emerged from the pandemic stronger and more resilient. The dynamics has helped the firm to stand out more versatile and pervasive.


Work hard, stay strong and be the change you wish to see - this is what defines our work culture. A Firm that believes in placing its clients’ needs front and centre at all times, hires the best professionals and invests continually in their personal and professional development and believes in adhering to a set of values that are core to everything we do, that’s SJCA for you.