An audit is more than the objective examination and evaluation of the financial statements in order to comply with statutory obligation. It allows us to grasp a full understanding of the business environment and the laws and regulations governing the clientele operations which enable us to recommend sound and holistic solutions for outlining business strategies, performance, management information, controls, adoption of procedure with envisioned policies and assist in managing the business affairs in an conducive manner keeping in view the statutory requirements and auditing practices and also ensuring compliance with the Standards on Auditing.

Statutory Audit :-

  • Statutory Audit including Ind AS Adoption
  • Tax audit
  • Management and operational audit
  • Concurrent audit
  • Internal auditing
  • Audit of co – operative societies
  • Audit of trust
  • Compliance review
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Certification and attestation


We provide holistic and tax-effective services by devising strategies to optimise taxes, implement innovative tax planning and effectively manage compliance.


  • Ability to forestall the issues arising from the future direction of tax regulations and providing solutions to these regulatory challenges.
  • Assess the impact of regulatory environment on client’s business.
  • Advise on structuring transactions / investments / business models and capital markets transactions in accordance with Indian/global regulatory framework.
  • Ensure compliance of statutory requirements with various regulatory authorities.
  • Maintain a high degree of tax efficiency, planning and compliance.
  • Review/ drafting of documentation from regulatory standpoint
  • Identification of tax exposures to mitigate impact and enhance fund flows.
  • Inbound investment advisory and entity set-up
  • On-line tax advisory and planning for positions to be adopted in the tax return
  • Statutory compliance support
  • Advising and preparing tax returns in accordance of statutory as well as regulatory requirements.


  • Advising on future tax implications associated with potential International mergers and acquisitions services including due diligence and post-merger integration
  • Repatriation and foreign tax credit planning
  • Supply chain implementation
  • Assisting in effective compliance of international and domestic transfer pricing.


  • Provide appropriate support on implementation of litigation strategies.
  • Drafting of appropriate technical submissions/appeals/ letters for the completion of proceedings.
  • Guidance on the course of action pursuant to completion of income-tax assessment/appellate proceedings including search and seizure and survey proceedings, Place of Effective Management, Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, Faceless Assessment and Faceless appeal mechanism.
  • Representational services before:
    • Tax authorities (including Assessing Officer, Commissioner (Appeals), and Transfer Pricing officer)
    • Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
    • Interim Board (erstwhile Income Tax Settlement Commission)
    • Briefings and support to the external counsel in respect of representation before High Courts/Supreme Court


The latest update on this front is the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax. It has been the governments long awaited path breaking tax reform aimed at streamlining plethora of indirect tax laws. The firm is equipped technically and professionally to address the umpteen number of issues involved and provide the underlined services:

  • Obtain initial registration under the respective acts.
  • Representational services at multi – jurisdictional level.
  • Advise for structuring of transactions or agreements in order to optimise the tax incidence.
  • Submission of periodical returns and remittance of taxes.
  • Conduct audit or due diligence as prescribed by statue.
  • Provide appropriate litigation support
  • Assess and review the applicability and impact of indirect taxes on business models and their pricing including availability of credits and tax incentives.


For any business to operate effectively it is imperative that it is bagged by adequate finances in order to ensure smooth functioning of its operations or formulate strategic decisions creating value. We therefore endeavour to provide objective advice and innovative financing options to our clients, challenging conventional wisdom and execute a favourable outcome.

  • Investment and project valuation
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance and Annuity products
  • Business/capital restructuring
  • Financial risk management
  • IPO and capital raisings
  • Private equity


Our due diligence services begin with the verification process addressing detailed analysis of financial position and performance with various analytical tools to confirm the represented facts with the understanding to uncover the hidden variations and liabilities.

  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Personnel Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Information Systems Due Diligence
  • Environmental Due Diligence


SJCA has expertise in carving robust strategies to accomplish every capital and transaction decision-

We serve client with value added advisory services embarked with understanding the needs of client and tailoring the scope of our work to their specific circumstances by concentrating on client’s strategic objectives, policies, procedures, business opportunities, risk involved and deliver our services directly to their needs. We create social and economic value for clients by strategically managing capital and transactions through holistic approach comprised of acquisition strategy, corporate culture, due diligence and post transaction integration with the help of bouquet of services including valuation, business modelling, business background analysis and review performance.

Our business advisory services aim at the identification and evaluation of various alternatives by carrying out research on every facet of the business for optimum utilisation of business resources in such a manner to fulfil its current and future business needs in order to accomplish its long term business goals. Our services deal with the challenges in leadership, operations, finance, project, personnel relationship by executing wide range of studies including conducting feasibility studies and organisation review

In the present world, families with wealth concerns require to institute the same disciplines, rules, regulations prevailing in the corporate world to continue with good standing and survival. Our team sets up structured process, governance structures to resolve issues and maintain good balance of personal desire and needs of family members with business goals in order to achieve excellent professional outcome.


With the world growing into a composite family and business becoming multinational, the territorial boundaries seem to be a myth and the need of the hour calls for addressing the cross border tax risks involved in the present business world with the integrated global tax framework to achieve sustainable business growth by structuring business operations, providing for protection of information and developing robust reporting system.